Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Underage Drinking .....

I can remember back at the 2010 Vicbrew Comp and listening to Mark mutter something about old beer shirts being resurrected by the stewards for such an event and I don't think he was too impressed.
Well I believe a great beer tee-shirt has a lot to offer.. Whether it's acknowledging your favourite brewery, commemorating a great session you've attended, or maybe  the quirky sense of humour that such a subject matter can pertain to.
Well here's your opportunity to show us what you take pride in wearing, post your picts, write something descriptive and lets see them in all their glory.

Oh and Mark, Tin Tin doesn't count..

I  asked my daughter to throw on one of my shirts so I could post a picture and she proudly informed me that she has her own  from the German Oktoberfest of 2010. Travelling through Europe at just 16 is in my opinion fairly impressive although as the following picture clearly show, she struggled with the local brew.
- (phil)

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