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Cheap electrical elements for hlt’s and boilers By Barry
Here is an article on how to build yourself a temperature controller to control the temperature in your fermenting fridge. The temperature controller will automatically control the temperature at the required set point and within the tolerance you set eg. 18 oC plus or minus 1 oC. It will switch on the fridge if the temperature goes above 19 oC and switch on a heating belt or plate (that you put inside the fridge) if the temperature goes below 17 oC.

The cost of the controller is as follows :

1. Temp controller $25 (STS1000 purchased off ebay).
2. Jiffy box $9 (purchased at Jaycar)
3. GPO plug for heater and fridge $5 (Bunnings)
4. wiring $11 (a 3 meter extension cord, wire connectors – Bunnings)

Here is the STC1000 I bought from ebay. They typically come from Hong Kong and take 2 weeks to arrive.

The double GPO mounted on the back of the jiffy box and the hole in the front ready for installation of the STC1000.

The ST1000 installed in the Jiffy box.

The spaghetti wiring system, just before I tidied it up and finalised the installation of the controller and GPO.

A close up of the wiring showing the connectors

The finished controller. It is measuring the temperature of the thermocouple at 26.2oC, and as I have a set point of 18oC, it is in refrigeration mode (see the red dot in the top left hand corner of the display).

The buttons on the right hand side of the unit are used to change the set point and tolerance. For those brewing the HEFE from the brew day, Bryce’s recommendation of starting at 17oC and increasing the temperature each day by 1oC is easy if you have one of these units. You simply move up the set point each day with the flick of a few buttons – job done.

For those of you that do not have a fermentation fridge, join and you should be able to pick yourself up a good working fridge in your local area for free. An alternative is to pick up an old fridge off ebay for approximately $50.


p2 said...

Great post on there kind of tempreature controllers cant wait to get mine working

p2 said...

Is it possible to plug in two heating devices ( i.e. two heat pads ) to this controller with the one thermostat ?

muscovy said...

I believe you could plug in 2 heating devices no worries if you use a double adapter on the stc socket outlet and ensure that the heating devices draw less than 10 amp combined. The STC-1000 will just regulate temperature where ever the probe is placed.

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