Wednesday, 4 April 2012

5th Ingredient ?

Ok so it may have been asked before but I think it would be good to get some opinions from fellow home brewers out ther rather than just believing the lame big brand advertising. So here's the question for this post. What is the 5th ingredient in beer? (not sure if rose water or orange blossom count. Does blood sweat and tears of the frustrated home brewer?)


Candi said...

So P2 is obviously peepee but I bet she wished it was P^2. Booker_h???? and where is yummybeer?

Bayside Brewers said...

There's a thin line drawn between the notion of craft vs art but I'd suggest the ingredient that is most overlooked is indeed creativity which when discussed in terns of brewing is characterized by originality.

motherbunch said...

Is this question prompted by a terrible CUB ad??? (I was outraged when I first saw it!)

To answer your question, I could get all philosophical, but that's not my style, so here are some possible literal answers:
- non-malted barley
- wheat
- other yeasty beasties... intentionally or unintentionally ;p

motherbunch said...

just noticed the time of my post is obviously not melbourne time... Phil, can you fix this?

Mikko Pludra said...

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