Tuesday, 17 April 2012


It seems with the last two beers I've brewed fermentation has gone off like a rocket, with the addition now of a Temp Controller to try and keep things somewhat under control my current beer is once again going through the roof, spewing out through the air lock and onto the lid of the fermenter.
Giving me no option but to replace the cruddy airlock with a clean one and watching it practically  bubble dry before my eyes.!

Any one got any good solutions for this sort of behaviour, temp is with in range on the controller and on the stick on temp thermometer on the fermentor


yummybeer said...

Dunno what type of beer ur making, ur OG, volume, pitching rate so can't help with keeping ur krausen in the the fermenter, buy if you cut the top of ur air lock before the s bend and push a length of beer line over it leading to a vessel with some sanitizer in it, it will be much easier to clean up...

p2 said...

Its a dark wheat at the moment, OG was at around 1048@ 20c 25L
Just dumped the Wyeast straight into the fermentor from the packet after aerating the wort.
Guess I may have to look at that cut off suggestion or find a decent rubber bung and hose to fit the lid.


etbandit said...

Try using a blow-off tube. Get some sanitized pvc tubing and slide it into the grommet hole. Place the other end into a coke bottle half filled with sanitizer. This can also be used as method to top-crop krausen yeast.....just make sure you use sterile water instead of sanitizer.

etbandit said...

..........Or just use a 60L fermenter with more head space

p2 said...

Will be investigating the blow off tube this weekend... thanks guys for the feed back.

booker_h said...

Check this ferment out!
This 1272 is loving my Amber wort!!

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