Saturday, 7 April 2012

Robust Porter / English Bitter Recipes

Hey folks i thought i might start posting my recipes for anybody who is interested.

first up is a robust porter, ive based the recipe on Terry Fosters "Redcoats revenge " from his book Porter from the Classic beer style series....

O.G 1.060

84% Marris Otter
8% Pale Crystal (simp)
4.5% Choc Pale (t/f)
2% Dark Crystal (simp)
1.5 Black Malt (simp)

Magnum 45 ibu @ 60min
Cascade 15gms @ 10min
Cascade 10gms @ 0

Will fermen with us05

next a double batch of a english bitter Mmmmmmm
My last results with this recipe where a cracker, it was a loose interpretation of the famous northern Timothy Taylers Landlord.

The key to get somewhere in the ballpark was by using wyeast 1469, it provides the delicate earthy/stone fruit esters

this time round i will be splitting the wort into two 22L batches, one will be fermented the same as the first version and the second with the Fullers yeast (Wyeast 1968)


O.G 1.045
F.G 1.012
alc 4.2%

96% Marris Otter
4% Dark Crystal (simp)

EKG 28 IBU @ 60min
EKG 5 IBU @ 20min
Styrian Goldings 1gm per Ltr @ 0min

cheer folks



yummybeer said...

brewed the porter yesterday ended up with a little higher o.g than planned 23L 1.064. I also decided that the wort wasn't quite dark enough so i made decision to add 100gms of carafa II at mash out.


demented fermentor said...

Sounds good yummy beer . I brewed yesterday also and did a Saison styled on the 8 Wired brew company from NZ .
Grain bill Best pilsner 6.510
Joe White wheat410 grams
Dingemans Arom 250
Thom Faw L/Cry 250
Sugar 820
IBU 50
Neson Sauvin hops 11.3aa 60 gr @ 60 mins
Wyeast Belg Saison 2 litre starter pitched 1200 ml .Fermenting @ 28 degrees but Dave who was at Micko's the other night had his at 34 for the funky flavours , i just want attenuation , not worried about the funk .OG was 1064 23 litres in fermentor plus starter and i'm hoping to get down to around 1010 FG .
Cheers DF

yummybeer said...

quick update on the above recipe's..

had a nice quick ferment with both of the Bitter. They where fermented under the same conditions in the same fermenting fridge at 18deg ambient.

after 7 days i warmed them up to 20deg once the most vigorous signs of fermentation where over. The temp has been left at 20 now for the past week or so. I did not want to crash chill these beers because both yeast strains are so floculant anyway.

The 1968 version was kegged yesterday and finished at 1.010. The 1469 version was destined to be packaged today but the hydrometer reading had slipped down to 1.008 so i will check again and hopefully keg it this coming weekend.

both versions have fermented clean but are significantly different to each other. the under lying character is the same i.e bitterness levels, hop flavour and malt flavour, but the yeast characters are worlds apart! the 1469 has a slightly dryer finish and much more "earthy" character with a apricot like note coming through, on the otherside 1968 is much more fruity/jammy.

this is my first time splitting a wort and fermenting with two strains. im pretty stoked with the result so far, they both really are 2 different beers....

As for the porter, all went well ferment wise, its settled at 1.014, hydrometer samples are tasty, good choc malt flavor with some citrus hops. its clean nd has a hint of alcohol in the finish which should smooth out with some conditioning. I missed the "robust" note tho during the brew. while i was mashing i decided the mash was not half as dark as i would of liked so i decided to throw in 100gms of carafa II at mash out... I was to scared to use 10% dark crystal as the recipe suggested so the resulting beer will be missing some darker, more concentrated crystal character like plums, raisins and figs.

Looks like its gonna be a heavier brown porter instead... ill post my results


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yummybeer said...

Made a killer Southern english brown ale the other week and its drinking great after 2.5 after brewing!! The perfect after work Quaffer for the winter months! here is the recipe


O.G 1.045
FG 1.008

87% marris otter
5% Crystal med (simp)
5% Pale Choc (T/F)
3% spec roast (Breiss)

20IBU EKG @ 60min
.5gms per/ltr fuggles @ 0min

I fermented with my old faithfull wyeast 1968 @ 18deg for 9 days then ramped up to 22 for the last few days until the beer dropped bright, kegged,force carbed (1.5vol) then started drinking.

drinking this beer slightly warmer (8-10deg)and the lower carbonation really help enhance the malt character of this beer!


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