Saturday, 2 June 2012

Boddingtons Pub Ale clone

Tried my hand a Boddington Ale

The picture probably doesn't do it justice  mine was a little darker (rh side)
Recipe is as follows:

For 23liters
OG 1.030-1.038
FG 1.008- 1.013

Traditional Ale Malt Joe White 3.0kg
Crystal Malt Joe White              325g
Chocolate Malt  Joe White        70g

Invert Sugar       145g
Fuggle   @ 90mins  15g
EK Goldings @90mins  10g
Progress @90mins      10g
Brambling Cross @90mins 5g
NorthDown   @90mins 5g

Wyeast 1275 Thames Valley Ale 1 pkt

90min Mash @ 63c
Sparge as normal
Boil 90mins
whir flock as directed
yeast nutrient  as directed
 no water treatment (haven't got that far yet)



booker_h said...

You forgot a critical detail... How did it taste!?

p2 said...

Well depends on your perception of taste I guess... as the saying goes 'you drink what you brew' unless its undrinkable.
There maybe some left to sample wed night lol you tell me.!

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