Saturday, 16 June 2012

Gadgets Part 1

Next club meeting is going to focus on those gadgets that you believe make a difference to either performance, quality or a reduction in your brew day schedule. I'll post a couple of examples to set the tone and then it's up to you to post examples or start dismantling them from your brew rigs and bring them along to the July meeting.

There has been some discussion on various forums about filtering hop flowers from your kettle especially if you are using a plate chiller and a good number of people use a fine mesh bag inserted into the kettle when boiling your hop additions. The hop sock comes as a single item and the need for some type of support is needed to insert into your kettle so I've fabricated a support from some stainless steel sheet. The internal diamiter is always going to be the same although the tabs that prevent movement will alter depending on your cut-out. If this seams to be something your interested in testing them let me know by replying to this post and I'll supply some templates and bring along some stainless to the next meeting, to get you started.

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