Saturday, 23 June 2012

Something for sale and something to give away...

You can have the shirt off my back...

Afternoon all.

I have a Bayside Brewers shirt (2XL) which is too large for me. Anyone after a BBC shirt? I'll give it to you for cost.
I'll bring it to the next meeting.

Also, I have some vac packed hops that I am willing to offload to anyone who wants them.
Pictures tell the story.

In fact, if you buy the shirt, you have dibs on the hops! Incentive!




Bayside Brewers said...

Geez - Can't give things away these days...
I'm sure the club will reimburse you the cost of the shirt or we can replace it with a smaller size if you wish. I know Shaun missed the last order so that's probably sorted if the size fits him. Also if no one claims the Centennial then you can pass it my way and I'll make a Two Hearted clone from it.

booker_h said...

Done. Just make sure you pass on a bottle.

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