Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Motherbunch's adventures in Prague

As I walked into the Klasterni Pivovar Strahov brewery (http://www.klasterni-pivovar.cz/) was greeted by the aromas of a
      mash in full swing. Entering the bar area revealed a
      beautiful copper brewhouse, not very big though, maybe only
      500L. I noticed that they had more than 2 taps, the first
      time I'd seen more than 2 in the Czech republic and felt I
      had finally arrived.
      I started with the amber ale which the waiter told me was
      their most popular beer. It was a lovely beer for warmer
      weather with subtle malt flavours and hop aroma/flavour -
      definitely not an American style amber ale!
      Second I had their dark beer, which was 'darker' than any
      other Czech dark beers I had tried. Most are fruity with
      maybe a bit of caramel, but this dark beer had a decent
      amount of roast and coffee flavours without being too heavy
      for the warm weather.
      Next I tried their wheat beer which had very prominant
      flavour of cloves, almost to the point of being overpowering,
      but no banana flavour or aroma at all. At first the strong
      cloves were a little off putting, but the flavour grew on me
      by the end of the glass.
      Finally I had to try the IPA, the first one I had seen during
      my stay in the Czech republic. It had a mice hop aroma, but
      mo where near the strength of an American IPA... Maybe
      something more like an APA. The bitterness was definitely
      higher than an APA though, well into the IPA range. There was
      quite a hit of grassy hop flavour which was supported by a
      nice malty base.
      Overall... Definitely worth a visit if you're in Prague! (I
      couldn't really say the same of any other place I've visited
      here, and I've been to one other 'mini brewery')

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