Sunday, 9 September 2012


Slightly smaller Herms pot with coil inside down to 8ltrs water to heat as opposed to the 30ltrs  in the original HLT. Its basically a cut down post mix keg that  had been battered and bruised to big to fit in my kegerator.  Inside is a G&G coil element, weld less thermometer  and coil which I got from Gryphon Brewing in W.A. Not yet tried it out as yet still undecided as to what controller  I should use for the element. Or maybe find a probe that would fit the outlet wort side that would drive the temp of the element ?

Any thoughts Guys


Brett said...

Have a talk to Troy (fairly new to the club). I know he recently built a small HERMS pot out of a plumbing down-pipe and a kettle element. He's also got the temperature probe mounted in a T-piece monitoring the outlet temperature from the HERMS back into the mash tun.

muscovy said...

Troy used an STC-1000

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