Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Club Night Walk Around

Another great night for our club and some fantastic beers on offer. My pick was most certainly the American Amber from Inner Circle Brewers and the Melbourne Brewers IPA. Did anyone take a picture of the poster for the amber as the list of hops used was amazing. Thanks to Johnny Sheehan for coming up with the British theme and organising the equipment and food.  I'm sure Mr Palmer was equally impressed with not only our beer selections but our enthusiasm for a chat. Thanks also to Stephen from Brisbane for taking a video of club night and allowing us to embed it into our blog.

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AndyMac said...

I also enjoyed the Melb Brewers IPA and Inner Circle American Amber but they had an interesting funky sour beer too. Braden's Porter was coming in highly rated on the night for a good reason.

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