Sunday, 25 November 2012

Newbies Brew Day 2012

The newbies brew day seemed to go well with some initial recipe formulation at the beginning of the day which resulted in two beers being brewed
One SMASH  beer in the Monster Mash using Joe White Traditional Ale and Galaxy hops (pellet and flowers at flame out)
and the other in a smaller Mash vessel using Traditional Ale and Crystal malt with the same hops in the boiler.
 I took some pics from my phone of the day and there should be some more on a camera to come maybe?
Thanks to Jethro for conducting the brew day and  keeping things on the move and organising the days brew.
Thanks to Kee at Keg King for having us there  and making a mess..! (which we did clean up after)


Anonymous said...

Not too many new members in the picts - were they camera shy ?

p2 said...

Well yes ..umm... kinda shy a few new members but still it was a good day

Anonymous said...

how did the smash galaxy and trad ale turn out? i was going to brew this today anyway and stumbled upon this page! I'm brewing it for a party as a crowd pleaser, do you think it would be suitable? These people like Stone and wood pacific ale. Cheers Nick :)

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