Friday, 29 March 2013

Your April Project

Coils and Snaplocks and you've got a jockey box - well almost.

I've had a few snaplock adaptors lying around as well as a few lengths of stainless steel tubing so when I was recently asked to supply some beer for a backyard wedding I took the challenge and had a go at putting together a jockey box to dispense the amber liquid in style - well dispense it cold at least. But first let's explore what options are available if you ever plan on doing a similar project. There are plenty of old temprite cooling system available, sourced from either gumtree or ebay that are a cheap alternative to buying stainless steel coils on their own. The temprites come in varying sizes and shapes but they all consist of a number of coils hidden under the external structure.

With a bit of care and safety in mind, you can easily cut the temprite apart with an angle grinder to
source the coils. Here's an example of a jockey box that Robin put together with the same coils taken from the temprite pictured above. With a few modifications, you've got yourself a fantastic little compact cooler ready for your next backyard BBQ.

I decided to shape my own coils from 15 metre lengths of stainless and keep the temprite coils for a future herms project. I sourced a cooler with the exact same internal measurements to cater for a firm fit when the two coils are inserted, measured up the positions of the shanks and cut the holes with a spade bit selected to match the tubing which I insert to add strength and allow a complete seal between the inner and outer walls of the cooler.

I've used a polycardonate sealer on all surfaces and gaps and added some plastic washes to complete the external finish. Some probond aluminium cut to size is used internally for added strength once the adaptors are set in place and tightened and then it's just a matter of connecting the coils to the shanks with the aid of some clear tubing, cooler couplings and hose clamps although I would have preferred the use of compression fittings but I just can't find them at a reasonable cost.

 Lock in some taps, add a drip tray, a bag of ice and your ready to impress your friends next time your invited to a BBQ (or how about your daughters under 11 basketball tournament finals and having a bar set up in the back of your station wagon in the stadium carpark - now I'm sure people were envious of the Frankston Blues on that particular warm summer day).

 - Phil

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Just wondering has anybody seen this place before or visited
and seen what they have in stock.

If they have a good range then I hope it would beat MR Dan Murphy.
 not that they dont have a good range..!

Close  enough for me to travel to if its worth it..
please give your feed back and or comments

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sunday Session

If your keen to have a drink (I believe 2 Brothers and True South will be pouring beers over the weekend) then get yourself down to this festival, The details can be viewed at the following link but if you like your blues inspired music then you can't go past Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson playing Sunday afternoon. Not to be missed...

Sunday, 10 March 2013


Sunday 10th march 2013

Brew day with Luke

Proposed 40 litre in the fermentors 20/20

A 7:00 am start on what was a very hot day , we mashed in at around 8:15 and proceeded
to melt as the day wore on(60c in the brewery as we began the boil) thank goodness for the Evap cooling  and the sensible breaks we took.

Only a couple of pics to show for it that I have (I think luke has a few more)

The day was a success as we seemed to have gained a couple of extra points on the OG which I have been struggling to get to on previous brews

Estimated OG 1059
We ended up with  a OG 1062 as I read it, although Luke thought it may have been closer to 1066?

finally finished up at around 4:30pm with only 16 ltrs in each fermentor due to a lack of kettle space( I need a bigger kettle). 5.30pm ish brewery cleaned and squared away for the next brew day.
I suspect that had we been able to fit just those extra couple ltrs in the kettle we may have reached our expected gravity not to worry happy with what we got.

Look forward to the next one what ever that may be and maybe a bigger kettle!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Fucking yum