Sunday, 10 March 2013


Sunday 10th march 2013

Brew day with Luke

Proposed 40 litre in the fermentors 20/20

A 7:00 am start on what was a very hot day , we mashed in at around 8:15 and proceeded
to melt as the day wore on(60c in the brewery as we began the boil) thank goodness for the Evap cooling  and the sensible breaks we took.

Only a couple of pics to show for it that I have (I think luke has a few more)

The day was a success as we seemed to have gained a couple of extra points on the OG which I have been struggling to get to on previous brews

Estimated OG 1059
We ended up with  a OG 1062 as I read it, although Luke thought it may have been closer to 1066?

finally finished up at around 4:30pm with only 16 ltrs in each fermentor due to a lack of kettle space( I need a bigger kettle). 5.30pm ish brewery cleaned and squared away for the next brew day.
I suspect that had we been able to fit just those extra couple ltrs in the kettle we may have reached our expected gravity not to worry happy with what we got.

Look forward to the next one what ever that may be and maybe a bigger kettle!


Anonymous said...

Now we know where you keep your brewing log.

p2 said...

lol ohh thats one of many..

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