Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Bayside Brewers Case Swap - 2013

Bayside Brewers Case Swap - 2013

The case swap is an opportunity to share your beers with your fellow club members.  The general idea is that you bring along 24 bottles of a beer you brewed, and go home with 24 different beers.

To make things interesting, we are holding the judging of the case swap beers in a “People’s Choice” format.  The top 5 “favourite” beers will receive points to contribute to the 2013/2014 Club Brewer of the Year competition.

  1. The case swap is limited to the first 24 people to register their interest on the online spreadsheet (link to spreadsheet will be emailed out to all club members).  We will also run a reserves list, in the event that the first 24 places fill up, or people drop out.
  2. You will supply 24 bottles of your finest hand-crafted beer, along to the monthly BBC meeting on Wed 3rd July.  There are no style guidelines, and you are encouraged to brew something not-to-style
  3. If less than 24 people, then all swappers only need to supply a number of bottles equal to the number of swappers in the list.
  4. Bottles must be 750mls, either glass or PET are acceptable.
  5. The bottle will be labelled with YOUR SWAPPER NUMBER (from the spreadsheet) on the BOTTLE LID.  Don’t bother putting your name, some witty epithet or logo on the bottle cap, although you can, if you so wish, decorate the bottle label to your hearts content.
  6. You can enter only one beer in the case swap per person.
  7. Judging of the best beers in the case swap will use a “People’s Choice” format, with each swapper voting, Brownlow style, for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

  1. Upon drinking, and hopefully enjoying, the 24 different beers, you have the opportunity to judge and vote for your favourite 3 beers from the swap.  
  2. Voting is based completely on the concept of “Favourite beer”, not adherence to style.  The beer you enjoyed the most, gets your 1st place, next favourite gets 2nd, you get the idea...
  3. An online poll will be provided so you can vote confidentially.
  4. Voting is only open to those who have taken part in the swap, and will remain open until Thurs 31st October.  This gives you approximately 4 months to drink the swap beers.
  5. Voting is NOT compulsory.  It’s a nice thing to do, it’s helpful, it makes you a top bloke/chick, but it’s not compulsory.
  6. You cannot vote for your own beer, and collusion with other club members to mutual advantage is frowned upon.
  7. The aggregated scores from the case swap votes will determine the top 5 beers from the swap.  The brewers of the top 5 beers will receive points towards the BBC Brewer of the Year competition in a similar manner to our regular to-style competitions.

For those interested, this is what a case swap looks like:

This is your opportunity to brew something not-to-style, to work on that idea that’s been itching the back of your head, to try something new that you read about.

Get creative.  Get unconventional.  Get brewing...

Friday, 12 April 2013

Hop Porn (in German, of course)https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eK-BMYZyKrI

Monday, 1 April 2013

Beer Font for sale

I'll post this item for sale here before I post it on the Aussie Home Brewer site in a few week time so if your interested or want a closer look shoot me an email. The flooded font is missing one of the quick release adaptors which can be sourced from andale. The stainless steel base measures 800 x 410mm and I am lead to believe that the font can easily be modified from six tap setup to four by shortening the arms on the post. Asking for two hundred dollars.