Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Frothing over Fakes

Interesting story coming out of NZ over fake craft beer from the big guns and a proposal to label 'craft' beer appropriately..

Monday, 3 June 2013

"The Convict" Australian Strong Ale

Beer Review... The Convict By Luke

OK here it is, my first beer review and my first time having tried an Australian Strong Ale – albeit a Limited Release from WA Brewery Gage Roads who seem to be making friends with the Big Distributors, seeing as I bought this one at a BWS (AKA Woolies). I do have something against Wool-ies but they’re hard to avoid and I needed a back up beer for the cheap six pack I bought from Dan Murphies (AKA Woolies – Doh!). The beer starts off with a lovely, engrossing, pungent yet fresh aroma of hops that ignites adolescent cognitive memo-ries of mixing with a circle of friends and receiving with a nod of agreement that we had ‘the good shit’… Oh, then comes a roasty, lightly chocolaty malt aroma. A definite Medium tan appearance, crystal clear and with a latte foam coloured head that beads up to a good solid 10-15mm on a free pour – The Convict rates 16 SRM according to my chart. The head dissipates a little while sitting but remains thick over the top and down the sides when in the drinking motion. There’s dominant hop bitterness throughout with hints of sweet pineapple, while subtle toffee malt flavours apparent in smaller sips of the beer. Just before the finish in the mouth you get a lovely caramel taste – then it finishes with a chewy hop-funk bitterness that makes its way from the back to the front of your mouth leaving you smacking your lips like a dog that’s just nailed a blow-fly on a sliding glass door. Overall, this beer’s BIG in so many ways. 6 Malts, 4 hops delivered in two rounds, plenty of Alcohol 7.2%Alc/Vol and all the ingredients come from the Australia, the world’s biggest Island continent. It may just be perfect accompaniment to another Australian Favorite – the Cheezel or Ch─ôzel as it’s known in France and Toorak. With 640ml of love to give, If I ever have the pleasure of downing another ‘Convict – I hope it’s with a friend. Cheers! Here’s what the Label Says: Austalian beer drinkers, you’ve been locked up by bland, watered-down lagers for too long. Never fear, the Fussy Bastards at Gage Roads are here to set you free! You wont find a boring, run-of the-mill lager here. This is a BIG Australian Ale. A boatload of Aussie ingredients; 6 specialty ale malts, 4 of our finest hops. THE CONVICT is rich in flavour, soaked in tropical aroma. Dry hopped with an insane amount of Summer, Stella and Galaxy hops, this is an ale that could bend even the strongest bars at Freo prison! Break off the shackles with Gage Roads THE CONVICT: Australian Strong Ale 100%Australian Malt 100%Australian Hops IBU’s 60 EBC 20 ABV7.2 MALT: Ale, Amber, Wheat, Vienna, Crystal, Roast KETTLE HOPS: Topaz, Sum-mer, Stella, Galaxy. DRY HOPS Summer, Stella, Galaxy.