Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Foster Weekend

Foster 2015

I'll let the photos do the talking. All in all, it was another fantastic weekend with a fantastic bunch of people.
Oh, and don't fret... we did 'Flametree' on.

We stopped at Loch Brewery & Distillery on the way. Their beers were ok - their Gin was great.

Distilled in small batches (read 30L at a time!) 

Here's a couple of snaps of the ol' copper.

 The Dark Ale was probably their best (in my
 opinion at least).

 They have made Single Malt Whisky, but need
 to ensure that it is aged enough for sale. Watch
 this space*, I guess.

*Not this space. Their website would be better, I imagine.

 The Manor!
Again, John has gone beyond to accommodate the ragtag bunch of brewers that Bayside is.

The hovels!

There's something comforting about a fire on a chilly weekend.

This was well used.

Not pictured: The 10m flames that were raging at one stage.

For some reason there seemed to be plenty of beer bottles laying around. We didn't drink, did we?

Big thanks to Ben for bringing along a massive slab of chilled water. I'm sure that all appreciated it.

The Brew Day 

Blending Melbourne and Foster water

Spot on for pH.


Run off

The kettle

Looks like it's time to take a load off

Dr. Cooper

Flame-out hopping with Ben's home grown EKG.

 Thanks for the cubing, Bryce!

Thanks to everyone for making Foster 2015 a memorable weekend.

See you next year!

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