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Member's Profile - Cameron

The following article has been taken from the August 2015 edition of the Mornington Life Magazine

By Kristy Martin



Cameron Turner has a job most guys would kill for.
As the head brewer at Hickinbotham of Dromana, his days are spent creating and refining (and, of course, tasting) the perfect beer. But while it may seem cushy, Cameron says it is actually hard work and long hours,but his passion and dedication to his craft pays off.

Hickinbotham's Hix Brown Ale recently received the top score in its category at the Australian International Beer Awards. The local brew scored a silver medal, triumphing over 30 other entries from breweries around the world.
The Australian International Beer Awards is the second largest beer awards in the world, outside the World Beer Cup. The 2015 AIBA, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, attracted a record number of entries with more than 1700 submissions from across 35 countries. Cameron says beer brewing is very scientific, but also relies a lot on the senses.

Hickinbotham has six permanent beers on tap, plus a range of seasonal beers. “We do very small and experimental batches and we prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity, supplying locally on the peninsula and also the Melbourne area."
The Hix Brown Ale is Hickinbotham's most awarded beer since the company first entered the AIBA in 2011. The Hix Summer Ale was awarded a bronze medal in the Pale Ale category at this year's competition.

But Cameron admits he wasn't always such a pro when it came to the art of beer brewing. In fact, when he first applied for the job at Hickinbotham eight years ago, he showed up to the interview with a ”slapdash resume and an esky full of home brew”.
Still, he got the job and the rest,as they say, is history. “It was a bit different going from 50 litre batches to 1000 litre batches. Every day I am learning new things."

Cameron still loves his job as much today as the day he started, and admits people are jealous when they find out what he does.“A lot of home brewers wish they could do this for a living. It's long hours and it's hard work, but I wouldn't do anything else."
Cameron says he's now got his sights on the trophy (the highest accolade) for next year's AIBA .

Saturday, 22 August 2015


The inaugural Great Old Mornington Pubcrawl was a great event. Thanks to Ditch for organising and to everyone who came along. Here's a couple of photos I managed to get.

We started off at Bar Exile (formerly Mercs) which had an average beer list, but gave us an opportunity to soak up a little sunshine. 

Second was Fika German bar and restaurant, where many 0.5L beers were consumed as well as some nice food. When we left here we discovered that Mr Paul's was closed, so we returned to fika to fortify ourselves for the long walk to the brewery. Luckily there was also a conveniently located Thirsty Camel half way to the brewery ;p

When we finally made it to the brewery, we were rewarded with some great beers - the red ale was definitely a favorite.

Great day - can't wait for next year!


Saturday, 8 August 2015


Thought Id share a couple recipes I've done over the last 12 months I'm sure some of you may have seen this all before but never the less here goes nothing.

Nailed It Red Ale

25 Ltr in the FV
OG 1.060
FG  1.014
IBU 34
EBC 31
EST ABV 6.1%
Boil 60mins

2840 kg Munich Malt
2840 kg Pale Malt
910g      Cara Red
285g      Cara Aroma

10g        Galaxy @ 60mins
34g        Citra    @  20mins
Whirflock @ 5mins

This recipe calls for a Double Dry hop so I did this over 6 days
28g       Citra  3 days
28g       Citra  3 days

American Ale Liquid yeast 1056
Single infusion
Medium Body Mash @ 66.7c for 60mins
Batch Sparge 75.6 c
Ferment @ 18c until finished then dry hop
Cold Crash and bottle/keg when done

Note: At the time of this beer being brewed I didn't have Citra so I substituted for Simcoe in the boil and Mandevaria Barvaria in the dry hop Schedule .

Road Trip IPA (loosely Based on the Holgate beer Road Trip )

25Ltr in the FV
OG 1.057
FG 1.014
IBU 65
EBC 13
EST ABV 5.6%
Boil 60 mins

3285kg Vienna Malt
2630kg Pale Ale malt
395g     Wheat Malt
165g      Crystal Malt

5g Chinook FWH @ 90mins
16g Victoria Secret @ 75mins
14g Chinook @ 45 mins
20g Centennial @ 30mins
13g Centennial @ 15 mins
11g Citra @ 15 mins
Whirflock 5 mins

25g Simcoe Dry hop 3days
25 Citra       Dry Hop 3 days
25 Centennial  Dry hop 3 days

American West coast Ale yeast (dry)
Single infusion
Medium Body Mash @ 66.7c for 60mins
Batch Sparge 75.6 c
Ferment @ 18c until finished then dry hop
Cold Crash and bottle/keg when done