Tuesday, 16 February 2016

The Best Aerator So Far

By Rick Gilbert

I thought that I would share my latest brewing gadget. I have never been happy with adding oxygen to my wort, and I have tried all options, from:

Shaking - Hard work and creates too much foam
• Splashing - lets in too much surrounding air and bacteria
• Aquarium pump - had plenty of problems with this
• Pure oxygen - had a faulty tap (long story cost me 3 bottles and trips to BOC, Supa Gas etc)
• Paint stirrer - creates too much foam and can scratch the sides of fermenter

Now I have a solution that I like:

A simple Venturi pump added between the boil kettle and the fermenter. It works a treat, is simple to use and does not create too much foam. I used it for the first Time a couple of weeks ago and the fermentation started within 24hrs and hit the target gravity of 1.010.

The only problem encountered is that I turned the tap off at the fermentor and the wort flowed out through the HEPA filter (should have put the cap on first).

Once these filters get wet they are pretty useless. Have also made a filter out of a bottle cap, cotton ball, alcohol swap and all important cap

 The parts used were:

Plus plastic tubing (there were about 6 pieces all up)

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