The Bayside Brewers Club was formed in 1991 and has maintained a good membership and strong club focus since then. Members are based from the Melbourne CBD to the Mornington Peninsula.
Some of the things we do:-
- Run Monthly Meetings
- Stage club competitions
- Run our annual Oktoberfest
- Family orientated social events
- Support other clubs
- Train our members to become beer judges
- Demonstration days with our "Monster Mash"
- Annual food and beer matching AGM
- Brewery Tours

Why Join a Club
We all enjoy brewing, we all enjoy drinking beer, doing so in the company of like minded brewers provides forum to do both and learn at the same time.

* To enable members to develop their skills as brewers.
* To generate a greater awareness in the general community of the legitimacy of home brewing as a craft in which anyone can participate.
* To serve as a focus to defend the interests of home brewers and their craft.

Bayside Brewers Club History

Article by John Killmister

The club was formed many brews ago in 1991 when John Preston of Grain & Grape was in partnership with Laurie Cahir in a homebrew shop in Edithvale called Southern Home Brew-ing. The club was founded by John & Laurie along with some of their customers.
Founding members include George John & Iain McKimm. Club meetings have always been held at members’ homes. However the first meeting was held at the shop. I believe the date was 31 July 1991. For other events we had the use of St Columbus Church Hall in Edithvale (I guess one of our members was in the congregation). It had large grounds and a kitchen, so it was great for our Oktoberfest and for brewing demonstrations, but a bit cold & drafty for the AGM. It was there at brewing demonstration in 1993 that Mark Hibberd, Geoff Bryant & my-self were roped in.
The shop produced a mash brewing manual & recipe book called ‘Grain Brewing, The Final Frontier’ I think it was put together by Laurie & Ken Gooding, a member who was a chemis-try teacher. It had some good advice & good recipes which I still occasionally use.
We had a fair bit of talent in the club then. The constitution was written and the club incorpo-rated by Simon Haylock in 1992. Simon was also a consistent winner in our competitions. Pe-ter Strong had done the brewing course at Ballarat, and we also had a good share of skilled tradesmen, like boilermakers, plumbers, electricians and a fridge mechanic. This was very useful for getting our gear sorted out. I was helped out by Geoff Bryant who ran the natural gas to my brewery and by Alan Zan who supervised my wiring of my brewery so I could run a 4000 Watt boiler and by Len Mostert who fixed my fridges a couple of times.
Bayside Brewers, along with Bill Best, the brewer at Grand Ridge Brewery, were responsible for the first Beerfest in 1993. On other occasions Bill would do a brew for us to take home in our fermenters. I think he charged $1/ litre. As long as the yeast was pitched outside the brew-ery, no excise was payable.
In its first year the club visited the hop farm at Myrtleford and camped on the property by the ovens river.
Some of our competition successes over the years include:
AABC 1998 best beer
VIC BREW 1997 best beer, best brewer
2000 equal first for best club, best brewer
2002 best beer
2011 best club
BEERFEST 2001 best club
2002 best beer
2003 best beer
2004 best beer, best club
2005 best beer
2006 best beer
2007 equal best club
2011 best club

This is what the newsletter used to look like.

One of the members used to produce a whacky comic called "Home Brew Echidna" which has stuck in my mind because it was so crazy. When I asked him what was the point of it. He said there was no point!